Help Us Choose a Window Reveal!

We have two choices for window reveals for our fabulously revamped Georgian house.  They are both amazing and we can’t make up our minds!

With this in mind, everyone likes to have a say, right?  And everyone likes polls (okay, maybe you don’t but stay with me here)!

It is your chance to help us decide what the front of our glorious new old house will look like.  Exciting, yes?  YES!

So, dear readers, here’s the plan.  Look at the house before work began (it is now a stone face) as it is a clean slate compared to a picture of a house covered in scaffolding):

House prior to work.

House prior to work.

Now look at the lovely picture of the window reveal options (very similar to what would have been there originally):

Window surrounds drawing based of of actual measurements and to be used by the renderer.

Adams Design on the left and Nash design on the right.

Stunning, isn’t it?

The house will be rendered in a beautiful off-white (which is whiter than the horrible magnolia the house was once covered in but not quite bright white) and the reveals will be in a pale grey.  This means that the stone on the front of the house will be covered.  Also, remember, the windows themselves will be white sash windows so the whole face of the house is changing!

Now, what do you do, you ask?  You fill out this lovely poll and help us make a decision!  It is just one click of the mouse to log your valuable opinion.  If you are feeling really inspired, feel free to leave a comment explaining which one you like and why.  All feedback helps!